How to make a solar powered tea kettle

By making a solar-powered tea kettle and brewing it, you can help cut greenhouse gas emissions and reduce your energy bills.Read moreThe article explains the steps involved in making the solar- powered tea and the benefits of solar power in an article on Hacker News.Kimmel and his team of scientists made their solar- and wind-powered […]

What’s a Peppermint Tea?

The world of sweet teas has exploded over the last few decades, with brands from Nestle and Mars to Starbucks and Coca-Cola using it to sell more than $3 billion in products.Many of these tea varieties are now available in supermarkets across the US.But there are still many questions about the tea’s origins and the […]

Tea Lingerie Returns for 2017

Lingeries are back in style, and the demand is high.In a world where people have been dying of cancer, the demand for quality products is even higher than ever.A new tea brand called Chai Tea is bringing the glamour back to the market, bringing with it a new product line that brings a new and […]

‘I love my country’ as he battles cancer

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) – South African Prime Minister Jacob Zuma said on Tuesday that he was “deeply honoured” to have received the Cecil Rhodes Medal, a symbolic award given to South Africa’s most eminent African.Zuma, the former President of the country for 30 years, was awarded the award by President Jacob Zampolski in a ceremony in […]

When to order tea? Here’s how to order rose tea

Rose tea has become an increasingly popular beverage in China, especially in the southern province of Guangdong.The beverage is said to be the perfect antidote to the Chinese government’s recent crackdown on tea consumption.Tea drinkers have been banned from drinking tea for at least the past year.However, some in China believe the beverage’s popularity is […]

Why I love Japanese tea in the States

When I was growing up, I always thought of tea as the ultimate all-purpose herbal drink.It’s a rich and complex brew that tastes of the fresh leaves, with a subtle sweetness and a hint of spice.Then I met tea enthusiasts, who would tell me that Japanese tea was actually brewed from the same ingredients as […]


Teas are the most popular tea beverage, with the number of teas on YouTube increasing over the past decade.But tea also has a significant impact on the way we perceive and interact with tea.We use it to make our lives easier and feel better.But, is tea safe for you?We spoke to researchers from the University […]

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