Trump tweets, ‘Love your country, love your fans’ as Arizonans prepare for Trump visit

Trump, speaking to a crowd of about 4,000 at a Phoenix rally, told the crowd, “Love your Country, love the fans.

It’s really a beautiful country.”

In the middle of the speech, he said, “We’ve been through a lot in a short time, and I think we’re going to get through this.”

In an appearance on “Fox and Friends,” he said he hopes to “do something that’s really beautiful.”

“I hope I do something good,” Trump said, saying he doesn’t want to be a “politician.”

Trump also said he is “happy to have the support” of Arizona Gov.

Doug Ducey, a Democrat, in the state’s presidential primary.

“I think we can do some good together, I’m not saying it’s going to be easy,” Trump told the radio station, which hosts his political commentary.

Trump and Duceys son, Jared, have a long-standing friendship.

Trump’s campaign is spending millions of dollars in Arizona, where he has not campaigned this year.

“We’re going into Arizona and we’re doing what we’ve been doing for years.

We’re doing our homework.

We’ve been practicing the same techniques for a long time,” Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski said.

“This is an opportunity to build on our success in the primaries and make sure we don’t let that happen again.”

In Arizona, Democrats say the Trump campaign has been more aggressive in targeting primary voters.

Arizona Democratic Sen. John McCain, who has endorsed Trump, told reporters on Friday that he expects the Trump team to “focus on getting voters to the polls.”

In a tweet Friday morning, Trump campaign spokeswoman Hope Hicks said Trump is focused on “winning the primary and then defeating Hillary Clinton in November.”

But she said, Trump has a “strong record of winning the primary.”

McCain told ABC News on Friday morning that Trump “is very focused on Arizona and Arizona voters.”

McCain also criticized Arizona’s Republican governor, Doug Denton, for not doing enough to defend the state from the onslaught of media coverage.

“The state is in a very bad place and the state is on the edge of collapse.

You’re not going to make a dent in this,” McCain said.

In addition to Trump, the GOP presidential candidates are also expected to speak at the Phoenix rally.

In a statement Friday morning: “We are grateful to Governor Denton for his continued support of Donald Trump and look forward to our visit to Phoenix.”

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