‘Bubble tea’ is the new black tea

Tea enthusiasts and tea connoisseurs around the world are buzzing about Bubble Tea, a new tea brand created by the folks at Rooiboz.

The tea was created to provide a taste of the original tea and is named after the famous Russian tea cake that is so popular in China.

Rooibo is also known for its “bubbly” style tea, and the tea is similar to the style created by Bubbly Tea.

The new tea is named “Rooiboz,” after the Russian tea that was originally made in Russia. 

The bubble tea is a “coffee-flavored” tea.

It is also made from a mixture of “ground black tea” and other ingredients.

The company says that this tea is “a natural and delicious tea with an aroma that is both sweet and smoky.”

It has a smooth flavor and is a great way to sip on a cold winter day, according to the company. 

If you love coffee, then you’ll love Bubble Tea.

 (h/t The Next Woot)

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