Green tea benefits for kids



But the tea-loving public is in the midst of a new golden age of health, happiness and peace that has tea and coffee in its sights.

The world’s tea farmers, many of whom have been producing tea for centuries, have a golden opportunity to reverse some of their negative legacy.

But they must keep up with changing times, experts say.

The global market for tea is expected to reach $3 trillion this year.

The number of tea drinkers is expected grow by 60% to 70% over the next 10 years, according to the World Health Organization.

The tea industry is also the second-largest source of revenue for some of the world’s biggest corporations, including Wal-Mart Stores Inc., PepsiCo Inc., General Motors Co. and General Electric Co.

And while the number of drinkers is predicted to grow by about half a million people in 2040, the global tea market will still be worth $1.5 trillion, according a recent report from the World Economic Forum.

But the world has not stopped buying tea.

In fact, some tea companies are already moving into the lucrative coffee market.

In India, where tea is one of the most popular drinks, the country’s tea industry has grown to more than $7 billion annually.

The industry has also seen some major changes, said Ashok Mishra, the chairman of the India Tea Association, which is lobbying to change the rules to allow for coffee.

While coffee is the most expensive drink in India, the tea industry will not be hit hard, he said.

The tea industry already makes about 80% of the coffee sold in India.

India is a major coffee exporter and has about a million cafes in more than 120 cities.

The country’s economy accounts for nearly half of global exports of tea, according the World Bank.

But many tea drinkers prefer to buy their tea in stores.

The number of teas sold in stores fell by about 50% between 2010 and 2016, according of data from the tea companies.

Tea-loving consumers are turning to convenience stores and other online shops to get their tea, said Mishra.

But coffee lovers also prefer their green tea.

About half of the people in India buy green tea every day, according an IndiaSpend survey.

Tea is more expensive than coffee in some markets, but the cost of green tea has fallen in recent years, said David C. Sargent, a professor of business at the University of Southern California.

The average cost of coffee in the U.S. is about $3 per cup, he told Bloomberg News.

Coffee drinkers in India can save up to 20% on coffee and green tea purchases, said K.K. Pandey, co-founder and president of the International Green Tea Alliance.

India, one of Africa’s biggest tea-growing countries, has been a leader in the green tea market.

It produces around 40% of global tea and more than 70% of its green tea exports.

But it has not embraced the coffee market, which has been growing at an annual clip of about 50%, according to data from global coffee market research firm Euromonitor International.

The green tea industry in India has also been growing rapidly, said Amit N. Patel, chairman of Indian Tea Alliance, which advocates for the tea trade.

The trade of green teas in India and the rest of Asia is worth $2.5 billion a year, he added.

Green tea has become a symbol of empowerment, he wrote in a column in the Times of India newspaper.

The coffee market is also growing fast, with the average volume of green coffee sold last year at $3.5 million per cup in the United States, according data from Euromonitors.

The rise of coffee drinkers and the trend towards green tea is partly due to an explosion in the number and variety of green coffees sold in supermarkets.

Green tea is a great coffee alternative and a popular choice among consumers.

Caffeine-free tea is gaining ground.

The beverage category now accounts for about 40% to 45% of sales in the market, according Euromoniters data.

But tea has not yet overtaken coffee in India’s coffee market and it is still ahead, said Gopal Bhattacharya, senior research analyst at Euromoniti.

The popularity of green and black tea is likely to keep growing, said Bhatticharya, adding that green tea sales will increase from about $2 billion to $4 billion by 2025.

But green tea advocates are also pushing for a better way to taste the tea, which requires a good amount of heat.

The process of heating tea to make it drinkable can be dangerous, said the Times.

The United States Food and

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