‘Tea brand of Thailand’ gets a new name

Teas from Thailand, Thailand’s first tea brand, has been given a new moniker, Tea of the Thais, after a popular brand, Peppr Tea, which was founded in 2010.

A teabag is a loose, disposable bag with a lid.

It is typically made of silk or cotton and is used for storing food or other items.

Pepprs Tea has become popular in Thailand and is now selling its teas in grocery stores and convenience stores, such as the Khao San Road Food and Drink outlet, which sells more than 5,000 teas annually, in addition to its tea house, which also sells Teaspoons, and Teahawks.

Teaspoons are a mix of dried leaves and seeds that are used to make tea.

Tea of Thailand has become one of the most popular Thai tea brands and is a brand that is sold at stores, convenience stores and grocery stores.

The brand’s new name, Pequots Tea, was given to it by the Thai Tea Association, which has a mandate to promote and support Thai tea culture, said the association.

“We are not afraid of what we say.

It will be a long journey, but we believe that it will happen,” said Srinivasa Srinivasan, a member of the association who is also the chairman of Pequot Tea.

In a bid to attract more customers to the brand, the association is hosting tea competitions and other events.

Last year, the tea company was awarded the prestigious Pequott Awards for excellence in quality and craftsmanship.

The award ceremony was held in Bangkok.

The association is also sponsoring a series of seminars and events to help the tea industry and the tea drinkers to get their teas through the Thai market.

Since the association’s launch, more than 6,500 tea bags have been delivered to Thai tea shops.

Tea of the Thailand brand has also opened a cafe in Bangkok called “Tea of Thailand,” a cafe-type establishment where tea drinkers can sample their teapots.

The cafe, located in a mall, is owned by the association and is part of the Teas of Thailand promotion effort, which includes events and conferences for tea drinkers.

This year, a new brand will be launched with a new design and a new logo, called Pequoti, Srinasan said.

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