Tea lovers get ready for Lavender Tea, Peppermint Tea in 2016

Peppermint tea is one of the more recent additions to the herbal tea market, and is now a $4 billion business.

Lavender tea is a herbal tea made from the leaves of the Lavender plant, which is known for its calming, calming properties.

It is popular among tea drinkers for its herbal and medicinal properties, and the company is expanding into the beverage market.

Teavana is offering Lavender tea with teas from the brands Tea Blender, Blue Sky, and The Tea Company.

The company will begin selling its lavender tea on Tuesday, October 31, at 10 a.m.

PST in select U.S. states.

As a tea with lavender in it, it has a strong herbal and therapeutic note. 

Lavenders are also known for their ability to aid digestion and boost energy levels.

They are considered to be a natural source of vitamin C and omega-3 fatty acids, which help to fight the effects of high blood pressure and cholesterol.

According to the Tea Association, lavender tea is now the fastest-growing tea market in the world.

A growing number of tea makers are trying to incorporate lavender into their teas and brews to enhance their tea blends. 

The Tea Association estimates that over the past five years, lavender is making up 40% of the worldwide tea market.

The tea industry is in an exciting period.

“This is a fantastic time to be in the tea market,” said Tim Hutton, CEO of the tea industry trade association, the Tea and Spirit Association.

“I am happy to see tea companies like Teavana and Tea Blenders start to capitalize on the growing demand for lavender and other herbs in tea.

While the market for herbal tea has grown rapidly, lavenders are still a small percentage of the overall market.

Tea Blends is a company that is doing just that. 

I hope Lavender is a part of our next batch of blends, Hutton said.

What are your thoughts about Lavender Teas?

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