Tea lovers in China can breathe easy after the slimming down of the tea lights

A slimming up of China’s tea lights has been declared a success.

The Ministry of Health said in a statement on Thursday that people could breathe easier and avoid getting headaches after they switched on the dimming lights.

The announcement comes after more than 2,000 deaths and nearly 3,000 cases of cancer in China were attributed to exposure to the dangerous LED lights.

China now requires most Chinese consumers to turn off the LED lights in their homes by 2018.

The government said that it had already reduced exposure to toxic chemicals used in the LED lighting industry by a whopping 30 percent.

The new regulation, announced on Thursday, comes on top of other measures that have been introduced in the past year to reduce air pollution in China, including the nationwide ban on smoking in indoor public places and a crackdown on smog-forming factories.

But many Chinese have not embraced the measures, with many blaming the government for allowing the lighting to continue to grow in China and for not controlling the industry properly.

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