How to order Starbucks Tea and Oats for your coffee table

Starbucks has just announced it’s going to start selling coffee table sets in the United States for the first time.

These are meant to be more of a “starter” package rather than something that’s going into the cupboard for a whole lot of money, and they come with all kinds of accessories. 

Starbucks also announced a partnership with the Chinese tea brand Hojang, a partnership that Starbucks says will be used to help increase the company’s reach in China and Asia.

We’re going to use this opportunity to launch Starbucks Tea & Oats in our country.

In addition, Starbucks has launched a new line of tea gifts for its customers, and the company will be releasing two new teas: Starbuck  Tea, which is brewed with the tea tree sap, and Starcup  Oats, a more traditional version of the tea that includes oats and coffee beans. 

While Starbucks is likely targeting its new tea line primarily to the Chinese market, it also seems to be targeting its customers in the U.S.A. as well. 

In a blog post, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz said the company wants to expand its reach in the coffee and tea industry, and has teamed up with Hojis tea brand, to launch an expanded selection of tea and tea gifts in the coming months. 

The company will also be launching a line of teas and gifts for people looking to save money on Starbucks coffee and a Starbucks store. 

“The new offerings are meant for those who are willing to buy a single package, or to purchase a limited-edition tea set, but not all of these offerings will be available at the same time,” the post reads.

“We hope these new offerings will allow customers to enjoy more of their favorite beverages with less waste, reduce waste, and keep the benefits of our sustainable sourcing in mind.” 

Starbux tea is made by the same tea tree that is used in Hoji tea, but it’s more expensive. 

And Starbucks has already started shipping its tea in U.K. and German markets, so expect the tea to hit the U, UK, Germany, and Asia in the near future.

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