The next best thing to coffee? Tea infuser

The next best stuff to coffee might just be tea.

Coffee drinkers around the world are flocking to the KFC brand to replace the ubiquitous, but somewhat toxic, coffee mug.

In addition to being a convenient source of caffeine, the coffee infuser is also a great way to consume tea, according to KFC’s CEO and founder, Brian Johnson.

“The tea is always in there and when it’s not, we’re able to grab it,” Johnson said.

Johnson said KFC has found a way to turn coffee into tea.

“It’s the same reason people go to Starbucks,” he said.

“The coffee is the same thing that they’re trying to get out of it.”

A KFC Kool-Aid can be purchased at the company’s KFC kiosks in the United Kingdom, France, Spain and Belgium, as well as at convenience stores and grocery stores around the United States.

A large portion of the coffee sold at KFC outlets is sourced from the company, with the company using the Kool Aid in many of its popular beverages, including coffee, tea and hot chocolate.

According to, KFC is the world’s most popular coffee-drinking chain, with more than 2.4 billion coffee drinkers worldwide.

While it is the coffee that keeps the tea infuser going,’s Johnson said it is also important to understand the difference between coffee and tea.

Johnson said tea drinkers will enjoy a more relaxing experience when drinking tea with coffee.

“You can get a good cup of tea in a coffee, but it’s much better when you drink it with coffee,” Johnson told Mashable.

However, he added that it is important to use a tea infusing coffee mug when drinking coffee because it provides a healthier alternative.

Tea drinkers can also enjoy tea by the glass or in the cup.

If you’re not familiar with a tea cup, it’s a type of glass that has a straw on top, which can be filled with water and stored in the refrigerator.

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