Who’s to Blame? What We Know About Trump’s Alleged Tape Confirmation (and Other Surprising Facts)

A lot of what we know about Donald Trump’s alleged taped conversation with former FBI Director James Comey can be gleaned from the transcript and transcript excerpts.

What is not so well known is that Trump also shared some important information about his own alleged conversations with Comey.

It’s worth looking at the transcript, and the transcript excerpts, and also the sources that helped inform them.

First, there is a transcript excerpt from a meeting at Trump Tower on March 6, 2019, where Trump was discussing his own firing of Comey, the day before.

Trump tells Comey that he wants to fire him because he was fired for the wrong reasons, and he says that he is “fired for his bad judgment.”

Trump: I’m firing because he is a leaker.

Comey: Because you are a leaper.

Trump: He said it.

Comey doesn’t have a choice, he can either fire you or he can stay and do what he’s doing.

Trump asks Comey if he is concerned about the fallout from the Comey firing, and Comey responds that the fallout will be minimal.

Trump says he doesn’t want to hurt the country, Comey replies, but he does want to help his business.

The transcript goes on to say that Trump told Comey that the President has “tremendous confidence” in him and that the president does not want him to be fired.

He then says that if the President wants to go to war with the United States, he will be glad to hear it.

Trump is then quoted saying that Comey “will be happy to take the fall” for the Comey termination, and that he believes that Comey’s firing was for the same reason that Trump has fired him, which is to get rid of Comey.

Comey says that Trump’s request is “ridiculous.”

Trump is also quoted saying: I know the FBI, and I know that I have great respect for James Comey.

He also says that the FBI is going to do a great job on this, and said that “there is nothing that they can do to me, and you will have nothing to worry about.”

Trump’s first question to Comey is about a dossier alleging that Trump may have engaged in sexual misconduct with women.

Comey, who has no experience with this dossier, is asked about it.

He replies that he doesn`t know anything about it, that he didn`t even know about it until recently.

Trump also asks Comey to sign a statement saying that he would “love to see you go to jail,” and Comey replies that the statement would be the same thing that he signed a couple weeks ago.

Trump then asks Comey whether he is willing to tell the President about his conversations with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

Comey replies by saying that the conversation was about Russia’s interference in the election.

Trump repeats that he has no evidence that the Russians interfered, and says that there is “no proof at all” that the Kremlin interfered in the 2016 election.

Comey is then asked whether he would tell the Russian ambassador that the U.S. intelligence community concluded that Russia interfered in this election, and if Comey would tell him.

Comey responds by saying, “Well, I don`t think it matters to me.”

The transcript continues with a transcript from a later meeting with Attorney General Jeff Sessions, which was held on May 8, 2019.

Sessions asks Comey about his conversation with the Russian Ambassador Kislyak, which he says is “very serious,” and says it was “very awkward” and “very uncomfortable.”

Sessions then says “we can be friends,” but he doesn´t think he can be “friends with the President.”

Comey says he can tell Sessions that the conversations are “very, very serious.”

He also asks Sessions about the dossier, which the President says is a “total fabrication,” and Sessions says that “I don`T believe this dossier.”

Comey then asks Sessions if he will “let the Russians know what we have told you about it.”

Sessions says, “We can be very careful about what we say to the Russians.

But I will say that the dossier is a total fabrication.”

Then Comey says, if Sessions “does not tell me what you told me about the President’s conversations with the Russians, I will take my job away from you.”

The transcripts then move to Sessions’ appearance before the Senate Intelligence Committee on May 19, 2019; Sessions has been grilled about his testimony, and about his relationship with the FBI.

The transcripts also provide us with additional details about the Comey meeting, including the transcript from the March 6 meeting in Trump Tower, in which Comey told Sessions that he had a “very good relationship” with the president.

He added that he could tell Sessions “what I thought and what I needed to know” and that “if I could do that, you could do it.”

In the transcript excerpt, Comey also says: I said to him, “I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting

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