Yogi is back and he’s eating more tea, the prince says

Yogi Brews’ Yogananda was recently spotted out in the sun at a cafe in Melbourne’s CBD. 

The yoga guru was spotted by the cafe’s owner, Terence Dickson, who shared the photo with us. 

He said he was inspired to get in the spirit after visiting a local yoga studio and being inspired by Yogi’s passion for yoga.

“Yogi’s really passionate about it,” Mr Dickson said.

“He’s so happy to be a part of it.”

His passion for the art of yoga is very genuine.

He’s a true artist. 

“I think his love for yoga is just as genuine as he is. 

I think that’s what inspired him to come back.”

Yogi Brews was born in Perth, where he grew up. 

At 17, Yogi decided to start his own business. 

His company Yogi & Co. sold yoga mats, headbands and other accessories. 

Yogi & Co sold to KFC and McDonald’s in the 1990s.

“I had a great run as a businessman and entrepreneur and I just wanted to take a break and do something that I loved,” Yogi said. 

Terence Dixon was inspired by Yoganas passion for life style and wanted to give Yogi his own space in the cafe.

“A lot of times we have a lot of people in the community who come to Yogi brews because they’re really passionate. 

They want to be part of the culture,” Mr Dave said.

Mr Dave said Yogi was a regular at YogiBrews cafes.

“We had people coming in to pick up yogis tea, and we’d bring them over to his shop,” Mr Doyle said.

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