Teabags set to hit the shelves this summer

Teabag coffee makers are set to make their way to the shelves in Australia and New Zealand in the coming weeks, with the US-based company announcing a new partnership with a new coffee brand.

A teabag set to debut at a coffee shop in Australia will be named after a character from the hit television show Breaking Bad, with a “bone apple” tea cup set to follow.

The coffee maker was developed by New Zealand-based Teabago, and will be available in three flavours – apple, black and bone.

It will be sold in a range of sizes, including the cup-sized size available in New Zealand, as well as smaller sizes and more flavours.

This is the third partnership Teabaga has struck with a brand since it launched in 2016, including a partnership with French company La Boulangerie, which sold a range for £6.99 ($8.85) in the US.

“We’ve been able to use this brand in our teabags, which is great because we’ve had a lot of fun making them and it’s great to see our brand on the shelves,” Teabagenic chief executive Nick Tovey said.

He said the new partnership would allow the company to get its products to more coffee shops.

More: “The opportunity to sell our coffee to more people and to reach more people is something we are really excited about.”

Teabag has also said it plans to expand its range to include teabaggies and coffee cups in a bid to broaden the market.

While teabagging has been around for years, its popularity in the past year has been boosted by the rise of the “eat-it-fast” trend, in which consumers fast-food outlets offer quick-service meals in a hurry to satisfy customers.

New Zealand-born Tovee said he hoped the new collaboration with Breaking Bad would help attract more customers to the brand.

“There’s a lot more opportunity to expand our product, and we’re really excited to be able to do that,” he said.

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