The best green tea tea on Amazon!

Lavender Tea Studio has been a favorite for years for its lavender tea blends and it seems the new batch is no different!

They are a bit more expensive at around $30 a pound but they are definitely worth it for the lavender taste.

The lavender flavor and the lavenders scent are amazing.

I love the idea of adding lavender to green tea but I have never tried the lavendier version so I can’t comment on it.

The new batch of lavender teas are not just a flavor change but a change of scale.

I would recommend picking up one of these if you are looking for a lavender alternative.

The tea is currently priced at $33 a pound which is a bit high for the amount of tea you get but it is well worth it!

If you are into lavender then I highly recommend this tea!

The tea contains a blend of 3 teas that include lavender, cardamom, and ginger.

This is a tea for those who like tea with the added bonus of lavendir flowers.

If you prefer a lighter tea then I would go with a green tea with lavender or cardamoms. 

If you are interested in learning more about the tea plant and its history, this is the perfect place to start.

It also has a great collection of other teas as well including some premium teas.

Lavender tea is one of the more versatile and flavorful green teas out there. 

Lavender tea can be used to create many different blends, especially in combination with cardamos and ginger, as it is a perfect blend of flavors for any green tea lover.

The only thing I would change about the green tea I would like to add is that it is not available as a bulk product.

The sample I got was just a small amount and was not that expensive. 

The lavender version of is available in 8 different flavors including:

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