What are the 3 ballerinas worth?

A 3-year-old 3-ballerina named Jadie has been living at Royal Tea Co. in Sydney’s inner west since she was seven months old.

The girl has been dubbed by some as the 3-D version of the star of “Shrek” and “Beauty and the Beast” who has been a fixture in the royal tea company’s tea kitchen.

It is believed she will be the company’s first royal tea girl.

She is a favorite of owner and founder of Royal Tea, Jadiena Jang.

Jang said her daughter was very much like a star when she first arrived.

“It’s a wonderful thing for a child to be so close to the stars,” she said.

Royal Tea’s tea collection includes tea from the UK, France, India, Australia and China.

Its tea has been hailed by the British and US tea industry as a major step forward in their understanding of tea.

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In addition to the 3Ballerinas, Royal Tea also has the Royal Cup, a series of two-sided cups.

While not as common as a 3-Ballerina, the Royal cup is made with a smaller, more delicate cup than the 3 Ballserina and is a more popular style.

Royal Cup is sold at the shop, which also sells a range of other tea and dessert items including an iced tea.

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