Why are tea bags banned at Peace tea parties?

The Peace tea party has been around for decades, and has always been an annual event.

But the annual event was banned from the capital this year because of concerns about the risk of a pandemic.

On Monday, city hall officials in Ottawa announced they would be banning tea bags from the Peace tea hall, citing the growing risk of people getting sick after eating tea.

“This is the most common problem we are having right now and it’s something that is very concerning to the public,” said Joanna Moller, the city’s public health manager.

The tea party is an annual gathering held at the Peace Tea Hall in Ottawa.

The city said it was banning the bags as a precaution to “ensure that the public health risks of the tea are addressed.”

The event, which features a traditional ceremony of tea drinking, was originally scheduled to take place on March 13, but the city later postponed it.

In response to the ban, the Peace Society, which runs the tea party, said it would host its own tea party in June.

This year, the event is not on the list of banned events.

Moller said the city is also banning the sale of tea in all downtown restaurants.

She said the decision to ban tea was made in consultation with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Ottawa is one of the world’s largest tea markets, and the city hosts more than 5,000 tea parties a year.

Teabags are small, flat, plastic containers that are used to carry tea from one room to another, and have become popular with travellers who want to sample their favourite teas.

They are made by the same company that makes the popular bags for the Peace Party.

At the PeaceTeaParty.com website, visitors can order tea bags for a nominal charge.

A tea party requires a small number of tea bags, which are filled with tea, and then the tea leaves are placed into them, according to the PeaceSociety.com.

The tea bags are filled up with tea and then placed into the tea holder of the Tea Party organizer, according a tea party participant who asked not to be named because she did not want to be identified.

Many tea parties around the world are also sold in baggies, or tea bags with a lid, for the cost of $20 each.

There are also a number of alternative tea parties, such as the Canadian Tea Party and the Tea party in Mexico, where participants fill tea bags and put it in a bucket, the participant said.

Some tea parties in Japan are also known to sell tea bags in bag gags, but they do not normally sell tea as a single item.

About two dozen tea parties are held in Canada each year, according the Tea Society of Canada website.

An outbreak of pandemic-related illness was confirmed in April and the number of cases has dropped to less than half the number seen in late March.

Follow the CBC’s Health blog for the latest news on health and medicine, and read our special report on how pandemic preparedness can help.

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