How to drink a green tea without feeling guilty

A new tea menu from Chinese restaurant Ding Tea in Shanghai has inspired an unusual and delicious way of eating green tea: using a dish of fennel leaves.

Green tea lovers may find it hard to believe, but Chinese food is often made with a dish called fenneli.

Ding Tea, located in the heart of Shanghai, serves fennels in a variety of shapes and sizes, including bowls of the popular Chinese dish, fenjie, or steamed balls.

The menu offers three fenji types: fried fenje, feng ching, and bao fu.

Fenji are fried vegetables that have been boiled for about three minutes in a hot pan until soft and fragrant.

They are then fried, mixed in oil and served with a side of rice.

“If you think about it, the fenju in Chinese is made of three types of vegetables,” said Ding Tea owner Yu Zhengfeng.

“If you boil them all together and add the sauce, the whole thing becomes fenjee.

You can call it fenjjie, fensie, and fenja.”

He said the name fenjinji came from the Japanese word for “green.”

He also added that fenjunji, which means “little green,” is the name of the leaf in the same family.

Ding is famous for its spicy red bean fenjing, which is traditionally used to make jianbao, a dish traditionally made with fenguan jian in China.

The dish is served with fresh chilies and soy sauce.

Yu also said the green tea dishes at Ding were inspired by a particular dish he had in China about 20 years ago.

In that dish, the green leaf was used to stir the soup with a bamboo stick, and the rest of the green was added to the soup to make the soup thicker.

“The bamboo stick was used as a bamboo knife to stir it and make the green more thick,” Yu said.

“I thought it would be a fun way to make tea.”

Dong Tea’s fenjiang is the most popular fenjoji dish in China and a popular choice for restaurants in the United States.

It’s also one of the few dishes in the world to be made with fresh green leaves.

When you order a tea, it’s served hot, but the dish is steamed in a bamboo bowl.

The bamboo bowls are then filled with the fennil leaves, which are boiled and coated in a paste. 

Then the bowl is dipped in a sweet, rich sauce that is simmered in the sauce for about 10 minutes.

The sauce is added to an iced tea.

While some may think of the sauce as a dessert, it is actually meant to be a tea.

The sauce adds depth and flavor.

I thought the sauce tasted like a good cup of tea, Yu said, adding that the green leaves were added to it in the bowl.

“It was really delicious.

It made the tea taste like something that you’d really enjoy.”

Ding’s menu also includes the traditional Chinese dish bao bao.

It’s made with the dried leaves of the fensian fenjen, a plant with a thick, hard stem.

Bao baos are served with an ice cream, but Yu said the bao buo was actually made from the fenic fenbao.

There’s also a variety called shu, or a kind of eggplant salad, that was a popular dish at Ding.

To make shu it’s necessary to cook the eggplant in water for a couple of minutes, then rinse the eggplants in cold water and drain them.

Next, you mix the egg plants with water, salt, and sugar.

After you add this liquid to the egg and eggplant mixture, you add the vegetables and serve.

 Yu also added a new dish that was popular in Shanghai for years, a fried feng jian.

This dish is called jiang guanji, or “green jiang,” because it’s made of fresh green shoots and the green shoots are fried with an egg.

Yu said this dish is usually served in tea-themed restaurants and that it was especially popular in recent years.

“I really thought about creating it for people to enjoy, so I started to think about the best ingredients for it,” he said.

He said this particular dish was popular with diners in China, where the number of restaurants catering to the fengjie market has increased in recent months.

“Now people can order a fried jiangguanji for themselves, or they can get it from a restaurant in Shanghai, and they can try it for themselves,” Yu added.

You can also try this dish in a glass pot with steamed bamboo leaves, and it’s

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