Which tea is best for pregnant women?

Green tea, a popular green tea beverage, has been shown to protect pregnant women from heart attack risk.

It has also been shown, however, to cause adverse effects on the developing fetus.

However, the new study published online on Monday in the journal Nature Communications shows that green tea is not only safe for pregnant patients, but also potentially beneficial for their children.

The study included more than 400 pregnant women in China.

Researchers examined data from a number of factors including caffeine consumption, diet, smoking, alcohol intake, and physical activity levels.

They found that pregnant women who drank at least two cups of green tea per day had an 80 percent lower risk of developing preterm delivery compared to women who did not consume any green tea.

In addition, green tea drinking also had a beneficial effect on the fetus.

The researchers found that a small amount of green coffee drinking during pregnancy reduced the risk of having a baby who had a birth weight of less than 37 pounds, or around 1 pound, according to the New York Times.

However, the researchers also noted that green coffee is often mixed with other chemicals and may have an additive effect on your gut bacteria that may contribute to increased risk of miscarriage and stillbirth.

The researchers say they hope to continue their research and future research to further understand how the health benefits of green green tea might be more broadly beneficial for both the pregnant woman and the fetus as a whole.

The research was funded by the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

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