New Delhi: India’s Green Tea Shot Is Made From Fresh Green Tea Leaves, Not Oil or Cane Juice

India’s green tea, or kirpan, is often referred to as a luxury product, with brands such as Red Tea making green tea available for only Rs. 3.50 per 100 grams (0.25 ounce).

However, according to a report by the New York Times, it is actually a sustainable product, made from fresh, whole green tea leaves and not the processed oil and cane juice that most other green tea drinks are.

The green tea is made from a plant that is indigenous to India and is harvested during the growing season, which is the season when the tea leaves are harvested.

In contrast, most traditional green tea brands are made from processed oil, cane juice or oil and vinegar.

This means that the green tea actually comes from the roots of the tree itself, according the Times.

“In contrast to the rest of the green drink, kirpans are made entirely from fresh green tea roots,” a spokesperson for the brand, Green Tea, told the Times in an email.

“It is an entirely natural and sustainable product.”

Green tea is one of the most sought after drinks in India.

Its popularity has surged over the past few years, with tea prices going up by about $20 per gram (0,7 ounce).

The tea is widely used in the diet of many Indians, and the products are sold at tea shops and markets all over the country.

However, it’s not always the cheapest product, and India has an estimated 2 million tonnes of tea, according The Himalayan Times.

While India is a large market for green tea exports, its import levels are limited.

The average price of green tea imported from China is about $7 per gram, according Reuters.

The United States and other Western countries have the ability to import much higher prices.

In 2016, the price of a kilogram (1,000 grams) of green teas increased from $1.45 to $2.90 per kilogram, according Quartz.

The price of the tea is also rising, as some countries are attempting to make green tea more affordable and accessible.

“We’re really focused on making it affordable and affordable to people and the world,” Green Tea’s CEO, N.S. Thakur, told Quartz.

“We don’t want to make people feel like they have to pay more.”

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